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Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  4 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I have a website I have built with Dreamweaver on a design I got from I like my website design and layout and want to keep that. I'd like someone to go through my site and tell me all the things I should fix. I'd then like you to fix them and then transfer the site to Joomla. My name is David. My website is I was anticipating to pay around $300 Th
Between $5,000 and $10,000  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Need an e-commerce web site for photos and video. The site should archive, display and offer down loadable videos and still images . All images and videos are searchable by key words and caption info aka file info. All photos and video are to be displayed as 25 image grid per page with part of caption info below each displayed image or video. All images are archived into the searchable fot
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I am looking for a Joomla/CMS Master to install a Content Management System for an established website so we will have the ability to update our website content on a regular basis. There will be quite a bit of redesign/reformatting to turn what we currently have into a quick-loading, search engine friendly design as it is quite graphic heavy and cumbersome. It was originally designed in a WYSIWYG
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  0 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I have a joomla 1.5 website I have a graphicmail email account I need someone to integrate, so that when opt in on my website, they will be reciving automated emails over a set period of time. The current email list must also be loaded so that it is personal with optin Name when email go out. The mms function for mobi site in graphicmail must be setup and ready for sending mms. I wil
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal some components that have certain actions like views, shows up on the home page with all modules enabled and the featured slideshow. I was able to do a work around with some of the articles by removing them from the sh404 and adding them to a menu then disabling the menu items. So the articles show up on the home page, However, some of the components that I have...s
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Website needs to be enhanced with 2 new screens; in addition few minor bugs have to be fixed. The site was developed in Joomla. These enhancements need to be completed in 2 - 3 days. Site: The developer should have experience in developing at least 5 websites with Joomla. Please do not bid if you don’t have experience in Joomla.
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Hi There, We are looking to convert the data in our current site to a Joomla CMS. Our current website is: Looking to convert the site as it stands into Joomla. We are wanting to add more functionality and features like a Youtube library of Woodford Glen videos. We are also looking to be able to update live results which would involve adding text files remotely ( vi
Between $500 and $1000  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We had a company start a website project and at 50% complete, that company is no longer in business. We may view the progress of the current website at the following link: We want: Better optimized website (faster) New elegant/contemporary slide shows Better wallpaper Changing color theme Better custom contact forum Better Maps/directions Moving/Adding new pic
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  0 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We need to redevelop and redesign our existing website Scope A. DESIGN: - New site design (html, css, photoshop, no flash) - New site layout, theme and content presentation B. DEVELOPMENT: - All sections and functionality will remain the same. - The new site should be based on Joomla / Wordpress so that we can manage the entire site contents. - All Contents / records s
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  5 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We are in the process of choosing a Joomla Website Template to update with our company logos, images and current content from existing website Will need to be able to email out newsletters to existing customers from backend of website utilizing Joomla.
Showing 11 - 20 of 24