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Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  5 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We need to develop a Joomla Component for one of our client, Brief Description: Admin => will be able to add/edit/delete/archive/suspend - website list User => will be able to upload his/her files and information and select the websites to be signed-up User will be automatically registered to the sites he/she checked. We will provide you the full functional document for this project. Thanks,
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I need a mass video grabber component in admin for joomla 2.5.1 It should grab from some sites that we can talk im PM It should work easily and no duplicate. Like when I enter a keyword "abc xxx", then I can choose what sites to grab, and what category in my site to save it as the article......Also if the URL has been grabbed before, then it won't grab Thanks
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  4 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I want to get a website designed based on joomla for students doing Actuarial course. Following components of Joomla I would like to have in the website: 1. JomSocial 2. Hwdmediashare including hwdrevenuemanager & hwdvideoshare 3. Some component for News Feed 4. Jobs! Basic or Jobs! Pro or any other better component for Job Portal 5. Kunena Forum or Agora whiche
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Please have a look carefully - For each country ( top right menu, Australia & NZ, Canada, UK, USA, Turkey) require a different index page so just need to configure joomla multisite component and create index page. All 5 slave will be identical to master, except their index page could be different. - Master will be - Slaves will be
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Printable coupon module Admin area- Enter start/end date. Enter text for coupon, or upload image. Coupon auto creates coupon code. Tracks times printed Public area- Have a module on page that display 1-? coupons. Clicking that coupon will allow them to print it. Coupon will NOT be tied into users. Coupon is for Off-site use, so no cart is installed or needed. Coupons will only be for MY
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I need the following add on created to Joomla 1.7 and Virtuemart 2.0: 1) Checkout will be in one page. 2) During checkout, visitor will be able to choose either to register, login or purchase as a guest. and in addition he will be able to enter all the details needed to make the purchase (e.g. payment method, shipping address etc.). 3) Clicking on checkout will send the user to the payment gate
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We are currently looking for a contractor to provide detailed RSS feed to our website ( build on a Joomla CMS using iproperty application The objective of this project is to automaticaly post our clients Real Estate Listings onto our website in our own correct format through RSS Feeds. The awarded contractor would require to produce the following as part of the project: 1
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  7 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I want a site, similar to BUT much much better looking than this, built on Joomla. The customer/agent interfaces (of a2billing) need to inside joomla so the customers do not know that this in fact a2billing. Any questions please ask me on PMB, I am trying to find a developer that can work on Joomla on an A2Billing server. I would choose freelancer who have done anything like thi
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  4 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We would like to know how much would it cost to have a Joomla / Virtuemart developer working for us for 50, 100 and 200 hours. (modules and customized) After this first period of work, it would be possible to agree for a stricter collaboration.
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Already have Joomla installed on server. Require it to configured and made ready for EZ Realty (real estate component). Need EZ Realty configured for my requirements. Need a theme [from a joomla template club(i am a rocketclub member)] to be used to design and configure all pages with cms/EZ Realty. total number of pages: less than 10 Just state whether you have experience with joomla and sp
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