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Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Hello, Below is details to develop application for iOS || Android || Blackberry. Below description do not mention about Blackberry but we also want it in blackberry. ############start############ I saw this on Elance a short while ago, I was thinking of something like this but with a few modifications: I am looking to create a smartphone app compatible with iOS and Android operating s
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
This is one more my second project. MobiEd is a new mobile learning platform students can learn assess them its new way of using mobile to learn, a mobile learning platform for a globally mobile society. By creating engaging and empowering learning experiences MobiEd allows you to learn on demand and collaborate with others in real time. For more information please see a
Between $500 and $1000  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
If you are a Blackberry developer, I have a project for you. Paybubble Application is for the users (payer) who wants to make payment to merchant (payee) who are the registered user of this application, from anywhere or near to each other. Refer attached and bid.
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We need a blackberry developer who have knowledge of phone gap as well. we want to make one blackberry clone application from Android and iPhone. we will provide you full source code of both developed in phone gap. you can mail us for more details.
Between $500 and $1000  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Can you quote my e-commerce site CS-Cart multi vendor edition, basically a shopping mall products managed by vendor by their own. There is application available to manage backed for CS-Cart whoever for multi-vendor edition no such app exist. I will forward more information over PMB for interested provider. I want multi vendor application which allows vendors to manage their own product. For n
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Need a very simple SIP Android/Iphone/Ipad/Blackberry app that connects to our IVR and plays a telephone service. In a nutshell it will connect to a Secure Ip (hard coded). We want a simple SIP dialer that connects to a hard coded IP address/uk Phone numbers if GPRS or wifi not available The app will have 2 or three screens including the start-up. We want to allow the user to register the dev
Between $500 and $1000  |  7 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  0 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
The HOME page consists of links to recipes, Exercise, BMI, food Journal, maintenance phase of the diet, and FAQ. The patient must select from the given food iteams from for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. individual can choose up to two snack options but are not mendatory unlike breakfast, lunch and dinner. once individual chooses their meal, it automatically gets transferred to the food journal. The
Between $50 and $100  |  7 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We have 4 Blackberry Applications App No1 is already on Blackberry world Apps No2, No3, No4 - I will provide a readymade source code in Zip. The binaries for touch model Blackberry are available from: No2 No3 No4 The 3 ZIP files with s
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