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Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Hello, Below is details to develop application for iOS || Android || Blackberry. Below description do not mention about Blackberry but we also want it in blackberry. ############start############ I saw this on Elance a short while ago, I was thinking of something like this but with a few modifications: I am looking to create a smartphone app compatible with iOS and Android operating s
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We need to prepare about 5 or 6 Web-Services on sugarCRM which could call from our Android Application. We will provide sugarCRM account details, and field name of database . And you have to provide url and documentation for parameters so our Android developer can use it easily. for example: Account ************************************************************************ Local Fi
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We need to realize an android project. It has involved 13 screens and call to 25 webservices (webservices are already coded). All images & graphics for this project are also provided. Screens are: 1. Login screen 2. Terms amd acceptance screen 3. Read QR Code screen 4. 3 screens displaying information for selected it. the must be refreshed every 10 seconds using two webservices. Items can be
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I am looking for a mobile Developer who will take care for the development of an Android app. The application will be a simple launcher for old people (first app/home screen when device is run) for an Android Tablet (10') Please find some additional information below: we would like to get a tablet optimized launcher working both portrait and landscape mode (resolution 1024x600 ). It will ha
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  0 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I want to have an app where people can send their friends challenges (so ichallengeu to do x) users can either accept or decline the challenge. I would like there to be an opportunity for a leader board linked to a website perhaps? As well as a russian roulette like system where users can have random challenges sent to them. I have complied a list of challenges in a range of different categories f
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Developed similar to the iJot app: ( It will enable the user to create notes and messages without the keyboard, using your finger as a pen. Additionally the app will then read the letters graphic letters "penned" in, and translate through an OCR module and put the digital text into a notepad. Please respond with
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Dear all, Here is a basic idea of what our client wants to develop. This will be developed under android only. 1. The client needs to do an inventory of their fix assets. 2. The app should be able to accept input entry via device builtin keypad or via reading different types of barcodes using the device camera or via a separate barcode reading device connected that can be attached to the de
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  4 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Lets say you are in middle of a meeting and someone calls you then the app should automatically route the call to voicemail. So, in this app, all I want is that when the person is in a meeting and the call comes, the app should reject the call, so that it automatically goes to the voicemail. Also, can the app change the voicemail greeting message dynamically. For example, in the above case, i
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Need a very simple SIP Android/Iphone/Ipad/Blackberry app that connects to our IVR and plays a telephone service. In a nutshell it will connect to a Secure Ip (hard coded). We want a simple SIP dialer that connects to a hard coded IP address/uk Phone numbers if GPRS or wifi not available The app will have 2 or three screens including the start-up. We want to allow the user to register the dev
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We want to integrate Facebook and twitter with Android version 2.2 so user can login with his Facebook or twitter details and message should be posted.
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