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Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Please check attache video for app flow So you will get the idea about the application and we need to integrate one function as for below.. -- test job is I have a .wav file in SD card and you have to save this file in server. and file name is in Arabic language it should be save as same name in server. --- Work is very easy and it will take max 2-4 hours who is aware with this function.
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  1 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
When a check in hotel required card, we will use Key Card app. Required Smartphone app in Andoid, iPhone and Windows to use for, It can be possible take a picture of hotel key magnet strip or bar code with Smartphone than can be use to activate hotel room, open door. Or the Hotel front desk scans the SmartPhone and can be use instead of card or key. Any suggestion for this, Can you make it bett
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  2 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I need to create a form where a customer types into 2 input boxes and the wording appears on a circle badge so the text can be added at the top and/or bottom. It doesn't matter how it is created flash or code as long as it can be placed within an html website. (i have found code that does this using cs3/html 5 but i can not integrate it as it doesn't work with older browsers so is no good) It nee
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  4 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
simple app to make keyboard larger
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  0 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
We are based at Ahmedabad and candidate must be from Ahmedabad or ready to relocate to Ahmedabad. We need a Magento Developer having 3-4 years of experience. Must have worked on customization in Magento. Please forward me the resumes of interesting candidates in this job. We will select that Candidate and he has to work from our office. Thanks & Regards
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  4 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Requirement: Unlimited Pages CMS + Landing Page Advance Contact Form Friendly SEO Links My Approx. Budget is $100
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Need quick help on magento site. Please find attachment for project description. I will give you tablerate file later on. Budget is limited to $50. I need people for long term business relationship.
Between $50 and $100  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  9 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
Requirement: Upto 7 Page Website Static Website Basic Contact Form Friendly SEO Links Approx. Budget is $50
Not Decided  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  3 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
I am looking for an app dev to create a sort of template for an .apk file. The .apk will simply install files into a dir on the sd card. I need it so using eclipse I can simple change the files fo r future .apks (I need to make hundreds of these eventually and need it streamlined) I also would like the graphics changeable by simply changing the source file icon and splash back ground and
Between $100 and $500  |  6 years ago  |  CLOSED  |  11 Proposals  |  Submit Proposal
The website that I am looking for required the following features. 1. Multiple Pages with drop downs- Structure will be provided 2. Slideshow with products 3. Product Lists & Packaging which can be downloaded by visitors 4. Contact Us page- Location - Map & Directions 5. Order online - customer login + product list ( should come in as an email ) How would you implement the last
Showing 21 - 30 of 266