Ipun Amin,  Product Manager and CTO

Ipun AminIpun is a graduate in Computer with fully developed statistical skills; he is great analytical and strategic thinker. He is having result oriented attitude with a creative mind of doing things in a different way. He is responsible to keep track of competing products and monitor marketing and production efforts.

He is having excellent interpersonal and relation building skills, as well he is very good in developing the strategy of product. He researches customers and provides result analysis to them.

He is responsible to cultivate product oriented information from industry experts, channel partners and customers to provide focused product input on product direction including features and priorities. Demonstrate comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of products in market space.

Hiral Patel,  Operations Manager

Hieral PatelHieral has a strong history of business operations, sales and marketing leadership, as well as expertise in strategy, fundraising, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining VirtueTeam, Hiral was CEO of Bell Languages, where she helped grow the business before concluding it's very successful in every term.

A results-oriented business professional with proven abilities in strategic planning, managing project work, improving efficiency of operations, team building, and detailing project information to determine effective process for operations. She is most capable in identifying the areas of strength and weaknesses and implementing company policies, standards, and system that optimize productivity and bottom line. Demonstrated ability to motivate staff to maximum productivity and control costs through the most effective uses of manpower and available resources.

An independent professional, self motivated, persuasive, convincing, fluidness conversational, proactive, and excellent with open public relationship, expert in computational experience skills.

Ramesh Patel,  Founder and Programmer

Ramesh PatelThere are few who could accept the challenges and could face most critical situations in their business, an entrepreneur on his own, and with unshakable belief in Virtueteam.com. With focused positive approach Ramesh is self-driven and a natural planner who critically assesses own performance.

Ramesh is in charge for the overall apparition and direction of VirtueTeam.com. His passion for Product, and persistent search for innovation makes him different and his profound excitement for customer service and user experience are very much defining points of the company's background and ethos.

Ramesh hold Master's degree in Computer management from University of Pune, Maharashtra. He is recognized technology leader known for his strategic vision to achieve business goals. With the focus on future business goals Patel dedicates his time for the development of Virtueteam.com which he predicts to be the globally profitable site for the freelancers community.

Antonio Gill,  Vice President of Engineering

Antonio GillAntonio Gill is product development engineer at VirtueTeam. Antonio was an original member of VirtueTeam’s engineering team, serving as Director of Infrastructure, where he focused on performance and scalability of website. Antonio has 10 years of experience in web development, testing, systems engineering and operations.

Michael Sa,  Chief Product Officer

Michael SaMichael is responsible for the development and execution of the product vision at VirtueTeam. Michael was an early member of the engineering team at VirtueTeam and served as a Director of Engineering prior to leading the Product team. Before joining VirtueTeam, Michael was the Co-Founder and CTO of AudioBaseFiles, a multimedia production and publishing company serving the Multimedia market. Before founding AudioBaseFiles, he was the Director of Professional Services at RapidForce, a security software and consulting company specializing in penetration testing and web application security related software. Michael holds a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Lethbridge.

Heffer Zerbee,  Vice President of Worldwide Customer Engagement

Heffer ZerbeeHeffer Loveland leads VirtueTeam's Customer Success, Solution Engineers, Training, and Support teams and is responsible for driving adoption among the company's customer base. Her team ensures customers receive maximum value from VirtueTeam's products and services.

Before VirtueTeam, Heffer served as vice president of the Customers for Life organization at Dealforce, where she led a team responsible for driving adoption and user engagement. She has also held management positions at leading companies such as Vault Consulting, Barclays Global Investors and Bank of Canada. Heffer has a graduate from the Simon Fraser University.