The Importance of Mobile Site for your Business Today

Have you ever realized that you need a mobile site for supporting your business nowadays? Not only for online business, mobile site is also needed to support your offline business. I can’t imagine how many potential buyers that you may lose if you don’t have mobile site. Actually what is a mobile site? If you have already own your own website right now, then you just need to make a friendly version of your site which can be easily accessed through mobile devices. As you can see yourself that the users of mobile gadgets are growing from day to day. If you still underestimate the function of mobile site, I am afraid your will be left by your potential customers and you will let your competitor to be a winner. If you don’t believe about what I just tell you before, then you may consider it by seeing this report. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, almost all of adults in United States are using smart phones today. About 90 percent of the smart phones’ users have said that they always use their devices for surfing and browsing the websites and also reading and sending emails.

This report only covers the users of smartphones, not the users of other mobile gadgets such as mobile tablets. I believe that nowadays the people who use their tablets for surfing the internet also have been increasing. If you don’t know how to create and build mobile version of your current website, then you may find some freelancers who are able to do it for you from VirtueTeam instead of hiring large company to do this job for you, you can save a lot of budget if you can find someone from VirtueTeam to create the mobile site. The advantage of using VirtueTeam is you may make a selection from many candidates and finally you may find the best one who you want to hire.

It is a good chance for you to build and create mobile site for your business right now because nowadays there are only a few small business that have owned mobile websites although the mobile internet traffic is increasing now. Approximately only 26 percent of these small businesses which have utilized mobile site for supporting their business and it is really a problem for local business today. If you don’t have enough time to develop a mobile site, please visit VirtueTeam and hire someone from here to make this job for you. I would like to tell you my own experience when I wanted to take a lunch with my friend in Downtown area Toronto. At that time, I was trying to look for some restaurants by browsing for their site from my phone. But do you know what was happened then? All of the restaurant’s mobile sites are only showing a white screen with links to download the pdf files which contain of menu for lunch and dinner. There aren’t any contact information there and the menu itself is also hard to be read so finally I cancelled to have lunch at the restaurant at that time.

Because there are more people who try to access and look for information about your company by browsing your site from their mobile gadgets, then it is important for you to make sure that your site can be displayed clearly on their mobile devices’ screen whether they are using smartphones or tablet devices. If the information in your mobile site is hard to read and understand then as the consequences, perhaps you will lose a lot of potential customers. If you really care about your business, then don’t ever underestimate this matter.

Therefore to build and develop a dedicated, professional and friendly mobile site for supporting your business, there are some factors that you must remember.

  • You should always put your company’s information at the top of your site and please use only plain text for it so it can be read easily by the visitors. Your company’s name, your name, your contact number, your address and a short description about your business are some important information that you should put at the top of your site.
  • Don’t put any flash videos on your mobile site because they are all useless. Flash video will make your mobile site hard to be load and most of mobile devices also don’t support flash video. It means that the flash video can’t be accessed and displayed from the mobile devices. It is the reason why I said it is useless at all.
  • You must make sure that the information in your mobile site can be read easily by your visitors especially while they access it from their mobile device’s screen. As you know that most of mobile device’s screen is small. Make it simple and don’t use any complicated navigations and links to download pdf.

Now you have known what are some requirements to make a professional and killer mobile site. Once again, if you don’t know how to build this site, then VirtueTeam is here for your support.