Open source application developer fresh opportunities

Have you ever known that the people in the society always underestimate about the profession of application developer? Most of them don’t see that that profession and career as high social scale job rather than other profession such as doctor, lawyer, accountant, banker, and anything else. They always think that application developer is a person which has introvert personality and has a few times of interaction in the social activity. Actually the assumption is not 100% wrong. But it is not the same if we are talking about open source software developer. Most of open source application developer has contributed a lot in social activities while they want to create and develop their software. Because the software is open source therefore it can be used widely by a lot of people with no cost. Usually they need many interactions with the users of the software such as getting some feedbacks and opinions about the application after it has been launched to the society. By making a continuing interaction with the users then the developers are able to make a lot of improvement to the software which at last will give a lot of benefits and advantages to the users who are using it too.

The activities of open source application developers are full of transparence and collaboration to develop the best and useful application for the society. They need to collaborate and share their ideas and opinions at a high productive level rather than ordinary software developers. Although both of them have the quite similar profession but actually the process of developing the application are totally different between them. Surely the result will be the same. Both of them will create and develop useful application. But open source application developer will create free application which can be downloaded and used by anyone on this planet without paying any cost. Generally this kind of application will be improved drastically and will also be developed in a lot of version because there are a lot of contributions from many people for the improvement of the software itself. Open source software developers are attending and engaging in open source forums and communities more often than the other application developers.

Can you imagine that there are over of five hundred thousand of open source projects on the internet today, so how much collaboration is going on then? You can count it yourself. While ordinary application developer will create an application for commercial. Usually they are hired by companies to develop certain software and application for supporting their business. Therefore the usage of the application is only limited to the people or company who have hired them only. Because of this reason then the job description of this developers are far from the interaction with the society. Perhaps they only make an internal interaction and communication with the employers who have hired and paid them to do this job.

After you read this article, you will know and realize that the assumption of most people that the jobs of open source application developers are working in isolation is not right at all. The truth is most of them are working with a large community in a big collaboration projects. For instance you can see yourself that there are ten thousand of Linux contributors today. Although this kind of software developers work in a small project, but actually they are still working in a society and surely they will keep an interaction and communication with the other people. And nowadays with the increasing development of social media, then the contribution of open source software developers to certain projects will be change and different too. The effect of social media development doesn’t only influence open source developers but nearly all sectors also have been affected. There are good and bad impacts too depend on from what point of view that you see. Nowadays you will find that there are a lot of application developers who have joined in social media communities to increase their knowledge and skills. They can connect easily with some experts and learn more skills from the others. They may also look any answers and solutions which regarding to the business problems.

These developers realize that networking is very important for their career development. And they also may get a lot of expertise and contribute in a high quality discussion with their seniors, leaders or the other experts about certain issues in their work field. Perhaps the application developer profession is the profession with a lot of contribution in the society rather than the other professions. So you can see yourself that the fact and the assumption of people about application developers have a big difference today.

You can’t call them an introvert developer now but you must change it to social developer. Although they are not an employee of a certain big and large company but their contribution and participation in a society is larger than any companies and enterprises. By participating in Social interaction and social development, then it will offer a lot of new and fresh opportunities for developers and enterprises together. The development of social media tools has changed the way of the community participation in the discussion. Therefore you have not become the social developers, then it is the right time to begin. You can visit and join in as the beginning step.