Make a good Proposal at the first place

Do you know what step is the most important step while you want to be hired by any employers all over the world if you are freelance contactors? There are many people who are working online as freelancers today rather than become employees in certain company. You may find a lot of jobs marketplaces to post your portfolio and your profile such as virtueteam, odesk, elance, freelancer, vworker and so on. For the job marketplaces that I have told you above, the best one today is Why I said virtueteam is the winner among the others? Because if you are a freelance contractor then you will be easily hired by companies if you sign up and make your at that site. I have heard a lot of experience from contractors who have compared all of the job marketplaces and all of them agree that virtueteam is the best one. If you are a newbie then you can start to register first in this site. After you have sign up and make your account then you can fill your profile and your portfolio with complete information about yourself. In job marketplace, you are selling yourself.

Therefore you must provide interesting information about yourself such as your skills, your education, your occupation background and the reason why people should hire you to work with them. People will see your profile, portfolio, feedback and references and all of them will be used to consider and determine whether they want to hire you or not. But the most important thing which 80% determine whether you will be hired or not is your bid proposal. Therefore a good proposal should be made and created at the first place. Some employers perhaps may ignore about your profile, portfolio or feedback, but they surely will not ignore about your proposal. Although you submit a lot of proposals to many jobs opportunities, but your purpose and objective is only one. You want to be hired. You may follow some tips below if you want that your proposal can be attractive for the employers.

Make your proposal to become unique

Because every client and every job is unique then it is important to make your proposal to become unique too. Don’t using standard font and text for your proposal because I believe most of the people use the standard text. You must make something different which can attract your clients to notice your appearance. Keep in mind that the employers may ignore the generic and boring proposal. Therefore each proposal needs to be made and developed uniquely and differently for each client. You must tell what kind of advantages and benefits and also additional value that you may offer to the clients if they choose to hire you to work with them.

Don’t oversell yourself to the clients

You must avoid overselling yourself such as prevent and don’t ever overstating your skills and give a promise more than what you can do for the clients. You must have a commitment to finish the project if you have made a promise to the client and don’t ever make your clients feel disappointed with you. If you can make your clients satisfy with your works, then you don’t need to worry anymore because automatically they will recommend you to their friends or colleagues. You must explain clearly to your clients what service that you will do so they will not demand more from what they pay. Use clear and simple language to explain all of these to your clients to avoid misunderstanding. You may also provide and show your previous works to your clients to make sure that you are the right candidate for the project. You must make sure that the samples that you provide are relevant with the current projects that you want to do.

Pretend to be your clients

You may pretend yourself as your clients. If you have put yourself from the client’s point of view then you will know exactly what kind skills that they need now and what kind of contactor that they want to hire right now? For the first step you can begin from your proposal. You can read the proposal and what is your response about the proposal if you are the client? Is the proposal quite clear to explain what kind advantages and benefits that you will get if you decide to hire the contractor to work for you? Are you sure that the contractor have a great interest and excitement in the project and are you also sure that they can do their jobs well and deliver the results on time? If most of your answers are yes, then it means that your proposal is perfect and you are ready to bid for the projects and jobs then. You must focus about yourself and what will you do regarding to the project. If you are ready, then don’t wait anymore. Place your bids for the current projects that you may find in