Life as a Freelancer

If we see the report of employment review from year to year then you will realize that the needs of freelancers and contractors become so bigger if we compare it with the needs of employee. Why it can be happen? Surely business and industry field have realized this thing therefore nowadays we can see there are a lot of companies that hire outsourcing workers to work for them rather than hiring fixed employees to work for them. If the work is done per project then I think hiring freelance contractors is more suitable because the project is usually running temporary too. After the project has been finished then the company doesn’t need to hire the workers anymore and they can save their money for that. Now you can see that there are a lot of benefits of a company or business while they decide to hire freelance contractors.

Because the demands of freelancers are still growing every year, then the prospect to work as a freelancer is also big. If we see from the point of view of the worker then there are a lot of advantages too by working as a freelancer. If you can take the chance and want to utilize this opportunity, then it is possible to get a lot of money from this field. Perhaps it may become your main job because your main income is coming from your profession as a freelancer rather than as an employee in a company. It is not impossible, right? One day you will see that all the people are working as freelance contractors and not as employees anymore. The indication can be seen from now. I suggest you to keep improving your skills everyday because to become a freelancer, you will be asked to have advance and specific skills.

Actually there are a lot of benefits that we may get and receive if we want to become a freelancer. First your time will be more flexible rather than employee. We are able to utilize our time in much more flexible. We do not need to be locked between 9 morning to 5 evening everyday and we can manage our own time. With a more flexible time, we can do a lot of activities in one day. For instance you can get to the bank before 3 pm or watch a movie at 1 pm on the day of work. Your activities will be different day by day and you don’t need to do the same boring activities everyday. You are a human, not a robot. SO think about your life, feel it and enjoy it. You only live once so why you want to waste your previous time to do boring and routine job that you don’t like at all for some money? I realize that money is important but your life is more important too.

Entertain yourself by watching the latest series of the TV. You do not need to work at the corporate office because you can work everywhere from your virtual office. Internet and your computer is your visual office. As long as you bring your pc, laptop, smart phones and tablets everywhere you go and you make sure that at those places you can get internet connection easily then you can work mobile from every places all over the world. You do both activities at the same time, working and travelling. It is impossible to do these jobs at one time if you are still working in a company as an employee. You can go for travelling only if you take a leave from your company. You don’t only work by using keyboard and mouse because you have many multi touch features to do your job. By working as a freelancer, it means that you are working for more than one clients/employers. You can choose which one is the good clients and which one is not while if you are working as an employee, you are just working for one employer and one horrible boss (if you have). Therefore your financial risk is bigger because you only depend on one income resource. As a freelance workers, you have multiple stream of income resources. Therefore you don’t need to be afraid for your future anymore. Perhaps in the beginning, it will be so hard. But at last, you will enjoy all the benefits. Freelancer contractors are same as independent entrepreneurs. To get information, you can access to internet tv rather than using traditional tv and to meet your requirements of social life, you can login to your facebook account and chat with everyone you meet there. Do you want a life like this? If you say yes, then you can register yourself as independent contractor in Why choose while there are a lot of freelance job marketplaces nowadays? Because is known widely as the best marketplaces to look for freelance and independent workers and there are a lot of companies which are using this site to search for the best freelancer candidates to work for them.