Employee and Independent contractor employment review

There are some times when you are boring with your routine office works. Leaving home early in the morning and in the evening, stuck on the road, meet your horrible boss, and other things that make the working day becomes more stressful everyday. If you are stress then it will influence your performance and productivity too. If you are in a situation like this, sometimes you will leave your status as an employee in office and you will decide to work independently, as a contractor. But is working as a freelancer will be more fun than being an office employee? Before deciding to switch into a full freelancer, you should first consider to become part time freelancer first while you are still an employee of a company. The only problem if you have double job like this is sometimes you can’t manage your time properly between both of the jobs so you can give the maximal efforts to both of them.

Before you decide to become a freelancer and leave your job as an employee then you need to know the advantages of freelancers first. By knowing about its benefits then you can use the advantages as your reason and schedule time. You don’t need to waste your precious time at 9 to 5 o’ clock in your office. Working independently allows you to manage time more freely. Because it does not require you to get up in the morning and come home at night, then you can spend a lot of time with your family. Thus, the pattern of working for freelancer is well suited to women who want to have a lot of time with family. And as independent and freelance entrepreneur you don’t need to get order from your horrible boss anymore. You are the boss now. All of the decision which is regarding to the jobs is on your own hand now. You don’t need to drive in a traffic jam to go to your corporate office every morning and every evening because as a freelancer you can work everywhere from your virtual office.

Your virtual office is your tablet, smart phones, laptop and pc. Your gadget and internet connection will change and make your device to become a money machine for you. You may work everywhere including in the bathroom as long as you bring your computer device with you everytime you go. Therefore your laptop has another role as your virtual office now, then do not let paradigm to curb your room! Determine the direction and future of your own! Your life is in your own hands. Be responsible and live as you want! When deciding to become a freelancer, you usually choose certain jobs that fit and suit your interests and abilities. It is important because by doing some jobs that you like and have a great interest in it, then you will not feel boring and you will be enjoy to do it.

You can choose your own job you want, stop doing some of them and move on to another jobs. You control all by yourself. While you want to get jobs from your employers (you may work for more than one employers if you are working as a freelancer) you only need to post your digital profile on the internet. Let we compare it if you are an employee. To find a job you need to make and send your conventional resume to some companies and only one of them which will finally hire you as their employee. As an employee your time is limited and you can’t freely do whatever you want anymore. Your Bosses and co-workers are fussy and stressful? Company regulations are not fair for you as an employee? It will not be found if you are working independently. You can even choose, with whom and where you will be working. Although you are not worked a full month, you can earn income equivalent to one month salary of the office. And as a freelancer, you can enjoy all the benefits yourself. You don’t need to share it with anyone else except you are working in a team. Sometimes you need to work in a team because not all the skills that are required in a project can be done by you alone.

Keep in mind that the way to work for each person is not necessarily the same. There is no way to be right and perfect at all. Choose how you like the work and then you only need to work well. I personally enjoy working at home with the internet TV next to me when I need a brief refresher, and sometimes I am checking on facebook to refresh the atmosphere. I also put a fridge near my desk for a snack or a drink too. You can follow my way or you have your own style while you are working as a freelancer. So there isn’t right or wrong here. All ways of working are acceptable as long as you can do the job well and the customers are very satisfied with your works. Besides, I also like to work in varied. Currently my practice is working on the design, writing and programming. When I get bored with that one, I will move on to the other in order to keep my brain fresh and unsaturated. If you have made a decision to become an independent worker, then you can register yourself in virtueteam.com. I guarantee that you will get a lot of freelance jobs from virtueteam.com because there are a lot of employers and companies that are looking for freelancer contractors in that site nowadays.