Choose Apple Iphone or Android Smartphone

Nowadays there are 2 big smartphone brands which are directly competed face to face. They are Apple Iphone and Android. Both of them will offer the totally different experiences for their users. Which one is the most suitable for you and what kind of features which are suited and matched your needs and requirements. Keep reading this article and you will find the answer soon. It will help you to make a difficult decision while you want to buy one of the smartphones. To avoid disappointment for wrongly choose then you need to consider it carefully before making a decision. You will see what makes both of the brands have in common and what are the big differences between them.

  • The One and Only of Apple Iphone

    If we are talking about iphone then we must also talk about the IOS. IOS is the operating system used in Iphone and only Apple devices such as Iphone, Ipad, etc which use this operating system on this planet. None of other vendors uses this IOS because IOS itself is developed by Apple and it is exclusively used by Apple product lines only. And Apple has a commitment to keep using this IOS on their next generation iphone in the future. Therefore it will be less confusing to operate it rather than if you are using android smartphones. In the market you can only choose 2 colors of iphone such as black or white and the design of iphone from iphone 4s (the current version) to the previous version such as Iphone 4, Iphone 3Gs and so on is so simple and elegant.

  • Various models of Android Smartphones

    Not like iphone, android smartphones offer different models, designs, shapes and sizes to their users. The term of Android itself refers to all of the devices which used android as their operating system and also the name of the operating system itself. Android operating system is developed by Google.

  • Android Market against Application Store

    The only reason why we want to use smartphones today because we can download and install a great variety of application to the devices. Apple application store offers different kinds of software and games. Although Apple application store is very strict approval process for the software and developers but it is still remaining the number one of application store in the world until today.

    While the android market doesn’t have the strict application approval process such as Apple Application Store. Because Iphone operating system has been around first than android, surely it has more application than android nowadays. It doesn’t mean that android will lose the competition. The increasing of applications for android market is also going up significantly nowadays and it is not impossible if one day it will boast more than all of their competitors.

  • Android Benefits

    The integration with Google application such as Gmail, Google maps is one of the advantages of Android. Android is also claimed as the most flexible operating system today. For you who like to explore the rich features of the operating system of your device rather than just use it for daily use, then I suggest you to choose Android device. But if you are looking for simple and easy usage of device without a lot features which can be explored, then you can consider to buy Apple Iphone with its IOS. Instead of benefits, android also has its drawbacks too. Fragmentation has become the negative issue for android while there are a lot of version of android Operating systems which are used in various kinds of android devices.

  • Apple iPhone Benefits

    Apple Iphone 4 is known as the best looking smartphone in the market although it looks so simple. It equipped with retina display feature which will offer you the best experience while you are browsing, reading ebooks or watching or enjoying any kinds of multimedia facilities. You may also find facetime application which offer video chatting feature among all kind of apple devices. And with the new version of IOS, Apple also announce and introduce the awesome search system and voice command which called Siri. Instead of a lot of useful application that you can used in Iphone, own Apple brand device will also give a good prestige for you and make you looks great. Same like Android, although Apple has a lot of advantages, but it also has some drawbacks too such as iphone is less customizable so you can’t make a lot of edits and changes to the system too much

  • What is the best choice ?

    Because both of iphone and android smartphones have their own benefits and drawbacks then the decision to choose which one is suited to you is 100% depending on your own personal taste. If you are looking for high customization feature then you can buy Android device. If you are looking for polished smartphone experience, then Apple Iphone should become your option.