Choosing to Hire an Employee or a Contractor?

Before you want to choose whether you want to hire a contractor or an employee then you need to know what kind of skills that you require to do the job/task. If you need somebody that have specialized skill and expertise to do the certain task/ job for the project, then you need to hire a contractor. If you are running a large company then I think that it doesn’t matter to hire some expert with specialized skills to work for you as an employee because you have enough budgets to pay their salary. But what happen if you are just running a small business company that have lack of budget but you really need someone with such skills to work for you? The answer to solve your problem is by hiring a freelance contractor. It is true because if you are running a growing business or a small company then you really need an independent contractor.

Generally if you are running a growing and small business, you often require various kinds of different skills from administration to Marketing, and from application development to search engine optimization. But you don’t need a full timer person to do all of those jobs. You only need part time workers to do those tasks because it is temporary. After the task has been accomplished then you don’t need the workers anymore and you don’t need to pay them further which finally will save much of your budget. Why you can’t just hire an employee that you can hire as a permanent worker in your company to do all of those tasks? And it is almost impossible to find a person who has all the capabilities of all the skills that you require above. And it is impossible too if you hire a lot of employees with different capabilities of skills to do all of the variety of jobs because you have a lack of budget. You can count yourself how much money that you need for just paying the salaries only every month. So the decision when you need to hire an independent contractor and when to hire an employee is very important for running your business.

The other factor that you need to consider while you want to hire an employee or a contractor is about the amount of management time that you can spare. What does it mean? I will give you an illustration. How many time that you can spare to give a training, handle performance issues and give work assignments to all of your employees in your company? Surely you need to spend a lot of time to do all of this tasks while if you outsource your jobs to independent contractors, then you don’t need to do all of these things. You don’t need to manage day to day and routine activities to tell them about their works while you hire contractors because usually they can do all the jobs independently based on the job contract between your company and them. Perhaps they only need to ask you for some questions regarding to their tasks if there is something that they don’t understand or just want to make sure that they have done the right job.

Outsourcing is the best answer and solution if you don’t have much time to manage your permanent employees in your company. Don’t underestimate about this task. Managing employees is not a simple task. You also need skill of human resource management to do it. If you want to look for competent and skillful of independent contractors, then you need to find freelancer. I believe there are a lot of advantages and benefits that you can get from outsourcing your tasks through