Become a Freelancer

Have you ever used If you are a person who are looking for some freelance jobs then you can try. I have met a lot of people who have made a lot of money from here by working as an independent contractor. If you have specialized skills such as programming designing, article writing, search engine optimization or any other skills, then I suggest you to sign up as a contractor at Perhaps in the beginning you will not feel serious to get some jobs from here. But finally you will be surprised with how many opportunities that you can get from this site as a freelancer. If nowadays you are still working as an ordinary employee who takes your time from 9 to 5 and everyday you are forced to see your horrible boss at the office, then to become a freelancer is your only alternatives to change your life.

Do you feel boring to live a life like what most of the people do everyday? Don’t you want to try something new that perhaps can change your life forever? If you want to become a contractor, then you can try to become a part time freelancer first rather than directly become a full time freelancer. The only thing that makes people afraid to try something new such as transforming from a fixed employee to become a freelance entrepreneur is about the uncertainty income. If you work as an employee, you will receive a fix salary each month. You don’t need to worry about you and your family financial because you can count how much your salary and income every month and how much is your spending. Surely you should make sure that your monthly spending is not exceeding your monthly income because if it happens, then your financial will deficit and you can’t make any saving. Honestly, becoming a freelancer has a big challenge at the first time.

Why? Because you can’t know how much money that you can make. It is totally different while you are applying for a job in a company. When you apply for a job and you are interviewed by human resource manager in a company, you will be asked about how much salary that you desire. Usually in this stage, you will know how much money that you will get monthly if you have decided to work as their employee. But as a freelancer you can’t make sure how much money that you will get monthly. Perhaps in this month you will get a lot while the next month you will get a little. Generally, in the beginning, while you start your profession as an independent contractor at the first time, you will struggle hard to get your first income. Perhaps you need some time such as between 3 months to 6 months before you will get a serious income from your freelancing profession. It is different for every person.

There are a lot of factors which are included here such as your technical skills, your interpersonal skills, marketing skills to sell yourself, presentation skills and also your luck. Therefore all of these factors will mixed and then turn a new opportunity to you. Don’t ever think that marketing skill is not useless in this profession. Remember, become a freelancer means that you are an entrepreneur. And as an entrepreneur, you should know how to sell yourself to a lot of different employers. You will not only work for one employer, but you will work for a lot of different employers from different countries all over the world. Therefore, prepare yourself carefully and try to become a professional contractor and don’t try to cheat the people who have hired you. If there is a little mistake you have done, then it will affect to your reputation and your career as a freelancer in the future.